Postponed to May 29th, 2021

we announced and put shadow of the city on sale exactly one year before the show. the idea seemed crazy but i know who bleachers fans are and that this type of waiting would only make the show that much more special. well here we are, and it's time to wait again. shadow of the city is officially being moved to may 29th 2021. you all know the reasons why and that if there was any way to safely keep it, we would have. so why all the way to may 2021? because i don't want to mess around. in all our research that is a date that is truly realistic and this show can't be a moving target.

here's the upside: 3000 of you amazing people bought tickets for something that was a year away. now it's gonna end up being 2 years from the original announcement. all our lives will have grown and changed so much and the fact that there will be a large group of people there who made this plan 2 years before is honestly something i have never imagined nor experienced. that's one big fat upside to me :)

refunds are available for 30 days but hold onto the ticket if because it's good as gold for the new date. in the meantime, we are not chilling out. finishing the album and figuring out ways to play live until the shoulder to shoulder days are back. bleachers parking lot and bleachers drive in both in the works. love you and hang in there and jesus christ when SOTC happens in 2021 i'm literally going to explode into flames on stage…..

but ps… we’ll see you in asbury before 2021… you’ll seee…


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